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ART106Hilary KarrYoung Art Explorers
ART110EShannon ReillyArt Lab for Kids
ART113MECarolyn WinklerCrafty Hands
ART122Tony DelandMessy Garage for Kids
ART201Tony DelandGlobal Art
ART204ELinda CandelloPaper Arts Series: Papercrafting Smapler
ART210Tania HumphreyDrawing and Art on the Right Side of the Brain
ART216EWilliam UnderwoodPrintmaking/Words/Collage
ART221Tony DelandManga/the Art of Japanese Cartooning
ART221EWilliam UnderwoodManga/the Art of Japanese Cartooning
ART223EAlice CottonMagical Architecture - Castle of the Prince and Princess
ART226Lorilee KoppCrafty Wonderland
ART258Tony DelandModern Masters Art Literacy
ART301Tania HumphreyThree Illustrators - Garth Williams, Clare Turlay Newberry and Edward Gorey
ART307Bryan RiesterPhotography 101 and Yearbook
ART308Beth FedericiAnimation
ART312Tania HumphreyMore Drawing and Art on the Right Side of the Brain
ART340Tony Deland3D Art--Wire Sculpture, Basket Weaving and Ceramics
ART345Tony DelandGlobal Art
ART347Tania HumphreyStudio Painting
ART350Robin OlsenAdvanced Art and Design Explorations
ART415Tony DelandArt History
DRA105Whitney JohnsonMagic Tales Theater
DRA201Whitney JohnsonDrama for Kids
DRA201EWhitney JohnsonDrama for Kids
DRA315Whitney JohnsonBreak-A-Leg: Acting Fundamentals I
DRA315EWhitney JohnsonBreak-A-Leg: Acting Fundamentals I
DRA320Whitney JohnsonTheater Arts: Stage Make-up
DRA402Whitney JohnsonImprov for High School
DRA408Whitney JohnsonSAY WHAT?: Communication & Public Speaking (High School)
DRA410Whitney JohnsonCheck Please Spring Drama Production
DRA445Whitney JohnsonBreak-A-Leg: Acting Fundamentals II
FOR101Casey MacDonaldFun with Spanish
FOR200ECasey MacDonaldSpanish 1
FOR207Casey MacDonaldSpanish 1
FOR208Deborah MuellerFrench
FOR305Alexander BramLatin 1
FOR306Jenny ForresterVisual Spanish
FOR330Deborah MuellerFrench III
GEO300Jenny ForresterMapping the World
HSS106Dori HoodenpyleStory of the World: Middle Ages
HSS211Gina Reich-GuzmanWe Are America
HSS221Hilary KarrHistory Expeditions
HSS301Deborah MuellerU.S. History: Famous Americans
HSS308Amy RoloffWhat Would You Do? Philosophy and Ethics for Kids
HSS320Misty StrommeTreasure Hunting
HSS320EMisty StrommeTreasure Hunting
HSS415Deborah MuellerCase by Case: U.S. History Through Landmark Decisions
HSS422Lori WalkerIntro to Psychology
HSS430Jenny ForresterBest of the British Isles
HSS450Loriann SchmidtRenaissance Learner - Curiosity-based learning
LAR007MDeborah MuellerStories and More: Animal Junction
LAR012Bonni SnyderAlphabet Adventures
LAR107Dori HoodenpyleSchoolhouse Mash-Up
LAR118MESarah SaitoReading Fun In The Library Room
LAR211EMelanie GurleyMagical Art Objects
LAR216Alexander BramWord Building for Beginners
LAR217Hilary KarrLanguage Arts for Elementary: Geronimo Stilton
LAR217EHilary KarrLanguage Arts for Elementary: Geronimo Stilton
LAR220Suzy TaylorVirtual Reality: Past, Present, and Future
LAR222Gina Reich-GuzmanGreek Mythology
LAR301Jenny ForresterLanguage Arts for Upper Middle School
LAR306Jenny ForresterLanguage Arts for Beginning Middle School
LAR307Jenny ForresterZine World: Creative Story-Making
LAR308ESuzy TaylorComposition for Middle School
LAR309MVirginia LennevilleSpeech Club
LAR313Deborah MuellerCamp Half-Blood
LAR401Jenny ForresterHigh School Composition
LAR402Jenny ForresterClassic Literature
MTH101Hilary KarrMath Playground
MTH101EHilary KarrMath Playground
MTH202Hilary KarrMath 2 Life of Fred Goldfish, Honey, and Ice Cream
MTH208EAlice CottonMore Math Projects
MTH250Hilary KarrMath 3 Life of Fred: Jelly Beans, Fractions, and Decimals and Percents
MTH301Luanne StoltzPre-Algebra
MTH309Alice CottonMath Artistry
MTH401Luanne StoltzAlgebra 1
MTH402Luanne StoltzAlgebra 2
MUS007Peter LeClairMusic, Melodies, & More
MUS202EPeter LeClairMusic Fundations
MUS203Margie PhillipsMusic Foundations
MUS312Peter LeClairWindows into Music
MUS345Peter LeClairGuitar for Life
MUS905MECynthia NelsonSing Along
PED104Dori HoodenpyleFun Sports
PED300Michele AinzaDance for Tweens and Teens
PED910MTania HumphreyGet Into Shape with Zumba-Style Dance
SCE105Hilary KarrLions, Tigers, and Bears Oh MY!
SCE105EPeter LeClairLions, Tigers, and Bears Oh MY!
SCE114Hilary KarrPicture Perfect Science
SCE116Gina Reich-GuzmanKeepers of the Earth
SCE206Jesse HamptonScience Olympiad (elementary)
SCE206EJesse HamptonScience Olympiad (elementary)
SCE222MVenecia RaulsScience Fair Club (meets 12:30 - 1:30)
SCE232MLaura FinleyPhysics with Life of Fred: The Play
SCE255Jesse HamptonArt of Science/Science of Art
SCE265BDeborah MuellerDirt Detectives
SCE321Loriann SchmidtThe Organization of Life
SCE321ELoriann SchmidtThe Organization of Life
SCE323Loriann SchmidtAlchemy and Potions - The Ancient Art of Chemistry
SCE323ALoriann SchmidtAlchemy and Potions - The Ancient Art of Chemistry
SCE409Loriann SchmidtHuman Anatomy and Physiology
SCE421Loriann SchmidtPhysics of the Weird
TCH101MJana NytkoJunior First Lego League Competitive Team
TCH215Beth FedericiFilmmaking for Kids
TCH217Diana Laboy-RushGame Programming with Scratch
TCH217EDiana Laboy-RushGame Programming with Scratch
TCH221Jesse HamptonBridge and Building Construction
TCH225Diana Laboy-RushEveryday Engineering for Kids
TCH304Bryan RiesterGraphic Design
TCH308Diana Laboy-RushIntroduction to Engineering for Tweens
TCH340Michael HarperElectricity and Electronics
VLF002MBonni SnyderSing, Dance & Play for Little Ones
VLF101Bobbi BurtonDiscoverers
VLF202Hilary KarrExplorers
VLF207MLorilee KoppCards and Games with Friends
VLF230MVirginia LennevilleDestination Imagination Instant Challenges - Elementary
VLF316ERenita KeatleyStrategic Thinking Through Board Games
VLF330MVirginia LennevilleDestination Imagination Instant Challenge - MS / HS
VLF400Jenny ForresterProject Lab
VLF407MMelanie DavisZen Tangles
VLF411AJenny ForresterGirl Talk: Philosophy, World Events, Tire Changing and More
VLF914MPhyllis NakayamaHomeschool Parent Support Circle (Open to the Public)
VLF938MESuzanne JonesCultured and Fermented Foods (even weeks)
VLG310MVictor CummingsVillage to the Max..and Beyond!