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ART101EShannon ReillyArt Explorations
ART112Tania HumphreyElementary Art on the Right Side of the Brain
ART209Sarah WannellMath Art Mash-Up
ART210Tania HumphreyDrawing and Art on the Right Side of the Brain
ART213Sarah WannellArt Around the World
ART213EShannon ReillyGlobal Art
ART215Tania HumphreyEmerging Painters
ART216Lise GervaisPrintmaking and Paper Mache Art
ART216ELise GervaisPaper Mache Art
ART222EShannon ReillyArt Lab for Kids
ART309Tania HumphreyAdvanced Drawing/Art on the Right Side of the Brain
ART313Lise GervaisModeling Clay Art
ART341Lise GervaisUpcycled Gift Projects
ART350Tania HumphreyDesign 101
ART366Eden RadfarrComputer-Based Art
ART403Tania HumphreyStudio Painting
ART407Eden RadfarrPhotography I - Learning the Art of Seeing
ART908Lise GervaisArt Maker's Messy Garage
ART910MMisty MurphyGreeting cards through the year
DRA202Whitney JohnsonDrama for Kids: Comic Strip Editions
DRA202EWhitney JohnsonDrama for Kids: Comic Strip Editions
DRA307Whitney JohnsonImprov
DRA307EWhitney JohnsonImprov is for Everyone! (Middle School)
DRA402Whitney JohnsonIntermediate Improv
DRA450Whitney JohnsonHS Thespians Group
FOR201Alexander BramLatin 1
FOR203Jenny ForresterVisual Spanish
FOR204Deborah MuellerFrench I
FOR301Deborah MuellerFrench II
GEO300Terry PurcellCultural Geography and Mapping the World By Heart
HSS204Deborah MuellerHistorical Figures: World History from Ancient to Early Modern Times
HSS205Deborah MuellerThe Fine Print - Foundations of Law and Civics
HSS309Barbara HammondModel UN
HSS330Sarah WannellHistory of the Gross and Horrid
HSS350Eden RadfarrFilm and Eye
HSS416Deborah MuellerPrimarily Speaking: History through Original Sources
HSS450Sarah WannellA Tale of Two Cities: London and Paris
LAR007MLauren IscoffAnimal Junction
LAR203Sarah WannellFun with Books Language Arts for 3rd/4th graders
LAR211MVenecia RaulsVillage Voice Newsroom
LAR212Jenny ForresterDruidawn
LAR216Alexander BramWord Building for Beginners
LAR224ESuzy TaylorWriting for Teens
LAR301Jenny ForresterMiddle School Language Arts I
LAR301ESuzy TaylorMiddle School Language Arts
LAR302ESuzy TaylorThe Hero’s Journey for Middle School
LAR314Deborah MuellerHogwarts Academy
LAR314EAmy CollinsWelcome to Hogwarts
LAR321Jenny ForresterHigh School Writing I
LAR330Jenny ForresterMiddle School Language Arts II
LAR401Jenny ForresterHigh School Writing II
LAR401AJenny ForresterHigh School Literature
LAR411Jenny ForresterThe Pros and Cons
LAR414Deborah Mueller#dyslit: Dystopia, Utopia and In Between
MTH106EAlexander BramGoblins, Orcs and Dragons Math
MTH302Heather MoorePre-Algebra
MTH304Jennifer JonesMath for 7th/8th Grade
MTH401Heather MooreAlgebra I
MTH403Loriann SchmidtGeometry
MUS007Peter LeClairMusic & Wiggles
MUS120Whitney JohnsonChildren's Performance Chorus
MUS202EPeter LeClairMusic Foundations
MUS901MEJudy ONeillUkulele Jam Session
MUS902Peter LeClairGuitars, Ukes and Banjos
MUS902ECynthia NelsonGuitar for Everyone
MUS930Peter LeClairMusicians' Circle
PED104Kira KjaersgaardFun Sports
PED120MSaille Warner-NortonQuidditch for Young Muggles
PED201EMichelle WarilaInternational Folk Dancing
PED203Chantel StevensDance Technique Tweens/Teens
PED220MSaille Warner-NortonQuidditch for Muggles
PED310MUte MitchellStrengthening and Toning
PED318EMarina KaradjievaCircus Arts
PED903MToby ShulruffYoga for Relaxation (Adults and Teens)
SCE101Hilary KarrWacky Science
SCE104ERenee Rose-CurrierChemKids
SCE110Deborah MuellerCreature Powers! (Wild Kratts)
SCE201METom RuhsamManga Guide to Science Book Club
SCE203Jesse HamptonIntroduction to Engineering: Renewable Energy
SCE208Joyce HarrerScience of Metamorphosis
SCE212Jennifer RoseWacky Science
SCE221Misty StrommeSecret Agents
SCE221EMisty StrommeSecret Agents
SCE250Loriann SchmidtAdvanced Wacky Science
SCE302Misty StrommeZoology: All About Animals
SCE302EMisty StrommeZoology: All About Animals
SCE310Joyce HarrerAnimal Care Science
SCE310EShannon AdamsWhere Do Mutants Come From?
SCE315Loriann SchmidtPhysical Science for Middle School
SCE403Loriann SchmidtHigh School Chemistry
SCE405Loriann SchmidtThe Cutting Edge
SCE409Jane HershbergerAP Molecular Biology
TCH217Jesse HamptonIntro to Game Programming with Scratch
VLF011Kira KjaersgaardExploration and Expressions
VLF107Bobbi BurtonDiscoverers
VLF208MDeLyn GriffinChess Club for Beginners
VLF230MMissy MeskellImagination Station: DI Creative-Thinking and Problem-Solving
VLF301Joyce HarrerNatural Horsemanship Begining
VLF307MSaille Warner-NortonAdventurer's League
VLF330MMissy MeskellImagination Station: DI Creative-Thinking and Problem Solving
VLF408Lance KraftCareer Explorations with CIS
VLF901EMJudy ONeillEuro Board and Card Games
VLF907MSaille Warner-NortonChess Club
VLF911MLorilee KoppCard Frenzy Club
VLF911MESarah SaitoCard Club - Pokemon and More
VLF914MPhyllis NakayamaHomeschool Parent Support Group